Garage Openers Repair in Northern VA
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Garage Openers Repair in Northern VA

Common Garage Door Openers Repair Problems

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Are you suddenly experiencing problems with your garage door opener? Does it not open all the way? Does it not open with a remote? Or is there any other kind of trouble that makes it challenging for you to operate and use your garage door? Usually, the concern is quite simple to identify and the solution is also not that difficult.

Some of the problems can be fixed on your own while for others, you can get in touch with a professional. Please note that you shouldn’t experiment a lot with your garage door opener since a little mistake can cost you big and you may not like that. You should try to repair the garage door opener only if you are confident about what you are doing. Garage Openers Repair in the USA. Contact Garage door Solutions.

Here are some of the most common garage door opener problems that you can come across:

1. Opener not operating with remote control or wall switch

If the garage door doesn’t move at all on pressing the remote control or wall switch, it could mean that there is a disruption in the electrical power source. The most obvious thing to check is whether the door opener is properly plugged into the outlet or not. Once you have done that, you need to ensure that the fuse, GFCI outlet powering, or circuit breaker has not tripped. It is also possible that the garage door opener’s motor has burned out and isn’t functioning properly.

Our service representative can take care of all these issues without much hassle. We are skilled to manage the electrical wiring, short-circuiting, and replacement in case of a dysfunctional motor. Garage door Solutions

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2. Garage door doesn’t open with wireless keypad or remote control

There are many reasons why your garage door won’t respond to the remote control or wireless keypad. One of the first reasons is the range of the antenna. You may be too far and a few feet of distance can hamper the signal. Try moving closer to the garage door.

Next, if the door is functioning properly with the hardwired wall switch, there is a problem with your remote control. This could mean that you need to replace the batteries in your wireless keypad or remote control.

In case the above solutions don’t help, you need to get in touch with a professional who will reprogram the remote control and check for other issues.

3. The garage door reverses as soon as it touches the floor

If the garage door leaps upward immediately after hitting the floor, there is a problem with the close limit switch. A problem with this adjustment screw can cause the garage door to reverse before touching the floor or not close all the way.
Our service person will help to adjust the close-limit adjustment screw on the door opener motor and ensure that the door functions smoothly. This should be checked carefully during garage door installation to ensure that problems don’t occur in the future. Garage door Solutions llc.



We are ready to assist you and get your garage door back on track!