The Ultimate Guide To Broken Spring Repair

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A garage door spring balances the weight of a garage door and enables easy movement – opening and closing manually or automatically. It is made of high-tension steel, which has a limited lifespan and loses its effectiveness with time. Garage door springs have different quantity levels such as ‘10,000-use’ or ‘20,000-use’. Many buyers feel that this is quite a large number but when you evaluate and analyze, you will realize that a garage door is probably opened four to five times a day, every day, every year justifying the high quantity levels. Broken Spring Repair

How do you know that you need a garage door spring repair?

As your garage door ages, it becomes less effective. The steel loses resiliency and the door begins to weigh more. When springs are brand new, you just need around 10 pounds of force to lift and open the door. But when springs move towards the end of their lifespan, owners need to apply more force to lift the door, almost as much as the door’s weight.

Aging springs increase the load laid on a garage door opener. So, another sign indicating that you need to go for spring repair is when you hear the electric door opener straining as it tries to open the door.

Aging door springs can cause significant damage if they break suddenly. This is because they shut violently. If you are around when the spring breaks, you will hear a loud gunshot-like sound. The break usually occurs when the spring is fully loaded – twisted or stretched to its full tension. In the case of a broken spring, the door will be extremely heavy when you try to open it on your own and the automatic garage door will completely fail to lift the door.

Broken Spring Repair

In the world of home improvement, the golden rule of thumb is to let the pros take care of garage door spring repair. While a handy homeowner with the required tools and beginner level understanding of mechanical systems can take care of the replacement, the procedure is tricky. There are several steps and they need to be undertaken in a particular order. It is also important to remember that you have the right sized replacement ring. A little mistake can cause serious troubles and cost you heavy expenses.

Our team is trained and can complete the garage door spring repair procedure in an hour or two. We guarantee the use of high-quality springs.


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